Glade Candle Large Jar




Glade Candle Large Jar

  • Set a comforting mood with glass candle jars, and release a harmonious vibe feeling with Toasted Vanilla Cream, a warm, premium scent with notes of creamy vanilla, brown sugar and tonka
  • Fill the room with delightful and long-lasting fragrance; our inviting Glade candles burn for up to 85 hours
  • This Glade scented candle is expertly crafted by master perfumers with fragrance infused with Essential Oils; quality ingredients for an authentic experience
  • Both the sleek packaging and elegant, rose gold lid of these Glade fragrant candles are recyclable, while the premium glass container can be reused in many creative ways
  • Our Glade Toasted Vanilla Cream large jar candles are a great gift idea; give them as candle gifts to that special someone to share the comforting mood

Product Description

Transform the mood with the scent of something very special: Toasted Vanilla Cream. And with this Glade scented candle the delightful fragrance an elegant fragrance that is warm and comforting, bringing with it a feeling of refined lux. And with this Glade scented candle the delightful fragrance is matched by a stylish look. uryThe subtle, minimalistic holder of this inviting candle features flawless white wax and an attractive rose gold lid. It easily fits in with and complements your home décor, instantly adding flair. While it looks great, it’s when you light it that you make the magic happen. The power of fragrance begins to fill the room, and a memorable mood starts to take shape. All Glade scented candles are expertly crafted and blended by master perfumers. With Glade Toasted Vanilla Cream glass candle jars, you get creamy vanilla notes sweetened with brown sugar and the pleasant spicy notes of tonka. The fragrance of this Glade candle is infused with Essential Oils, and is comforting and harmonious, allowing you to quickly create a welcoming ambience. These indulgent scented candles are made with quality ingredients for an authentic experience. And once this beautiful candle is done, the impressive glass container can be used to add a decorative touch wherever you like. Our Glade scented candles burn up to 85 hours, filling the room with long-lasting fragrance. Glade Toasted Vanilla Cream candles are an excellent gift idea. Give them as candle gifts to someone special to share the comforting mood. Add that extra touch to your memorable moments by using the power of fragrance, and create a special relaxing mood with the Glade Toasted Vanilla Cream Candle.


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